LiDAR is

one of the best space detection technologies invented by humankind.

It has become a key technology in various industries that drive the era of intelligence beyond safety and convenience.
In particular, it is a future industry expanding the global market due to its high utilization in space detection sectors such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence robots, industrial safety, defense, physical security, and space industry.
SPINTEK offers the key technologies and solutions of the LiDAR to respond more quickly to market needs. Based on the light source and detector field's strengths, we supply precise and miniaturized modules worldwide. Also, we will continue to research to ensure sustainable reliability.


The LAB. series consists of pulsed laser light sources, pulse light detectors, and signal processors for the r&d of the LiDAR.
Pulsed laser light sources can evaluate the detection capability of maximum measurable distances and reflectivity and can be used efficiently in product design.
Pulse detectors can evaluate the receiving lens's optical properties and evaluate the pulsed laser light source's performance developed by the customer. The LAB. series helps reduce the development time of the LiDAR and enables efficient design.

  • Pulse laser sourcePLS316V9 Pro 905nm

  • Pulse laser sourcePLS316V5 Pro 1550nm

  • Pulse laser detectorDET316V9 Pro detector

  • Pulse laser detectorDET316V5 Pro InGaAs detector


The Development series can innovatively reduce the r&d time of various LiDAR required by the market. A simple combination allows completing a prototype that meets commercial performance levels. Produced by SPINTEK's industrial series modules, it is highly versatile and reliable. Also, LiDAR experiments and education are available to students at universities and technical schools.


Depending on the application, LiDAR must meet a variety of technical requirements, such as measurement range, distance, resolution, and operating temperature. The industrial series consists of core modules that perform optimized for each application, enabling you to quickly and easily address the needs of a variety of complex markets.

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